Telephone Language

Evo nekoliko tipičnih fraza koje možete upotrebiti prilikom telefonskog razgovora.

Answering the phone  (Javljanje na telefon)

  • Hello? (informal)
  • Thank you for calling Boyz Autobody. Jody speaking. How can I help you?
  • Doctor’s office.

Introducing yourself (Predstavljanje)

  • Hey George. It’s Lisa calling. (informal)
  • Hello, this is Julie Madison calling.
  • Hi, it’s Gerry from the dentist’s office here.
  • This is she.*
  • Speaking.*

*The person answering says this if the caller does not recognize their voice. (Osoba koja se javlja na telefon izgovara ovo ako osoba koja poziva ne prepoznaje njegov/njen glas)

Asking to speak with someone (Traženje osobe sa kojom želite da razgovarate)

  • Is Fred in? (informal)
  • Is Jackson there, please? (informal)
  • Can I talk to your sister? (informal)
  • May I speak with Mr. Green, please?
  • Would the doctor be in/available?

Connecting someone (Povezivanje sa osobom koju tražite)

  • Just a sec. I’ll get him. (informal)
  • Hang on one second. (informal)
  • Please hold and I’ll put you through to his office.
  • One moment please.
  • All of our operators are busy at this time. Please hold for the next available person.

Making special requests (Postavljanje posebnih zahteva)

  • Could you please repeat that?
  • Would you mind spelling that for me?
  • Could you speak up a little please?
  • Can you speak a little slower please. My English isn’t very strong.
  • Can you call me back? I think we have a bad connection.
  • Can you please hold for a minute? I have another call.

Taking a message for someone (Primanje poruke)

  • Sammy’s not in. Who’s this? (informal)
  • I’m sorry, Lisa’s not here at the moment. Can I ask who’s calling?
  • I’m afraid he’s stepped out. Would you like to leave a message?
  • He’s on lunch right now.Who’s calling please?
  • He’s busy right now. Can you call again later?
  • I’ll let him know you called.
  • I’ll make sure she gets the message.

Leaving a message with someone (Ostavljanje poruke)

  • Yes, can you tell him his wife called, please.
  • No, that’s okay, I’ll call back later.
  • Yes, it’s James from CompInc. here. When do you expect her back in the office?
  • Thanks, could you ask him to call Brian when he gets in?
  • Do you have a pen handy. I don’t think he has my number.
  • Thanks. My number is 222-3456, extension 12.

Confirming information (Porvrđivanje informacije)

  • Okay, I’ve got it all down.
  • Let me repeat that just to make sure.
  • Did you say 555 Charles St.?
  • You said your name was John, right?
  • I’ll make sure he gets the message.

Listening to an answering machine (Preslušavanje telefonske sekretarice)

  • Hello. You’ve reached 222-6789. Please leave a detailed message after the beep.Thank you.
  • Hi, this is Elizabeth. I’m sorry I’m not available to take your call at this time. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
  • Thank you for calling Dr. Mindin’s office. Our hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Please call back during these hours, or leave a message after the tone. If this is an emergency please call the hospital at 333-7896.

Sometimes it is necessary to spell something over the telephone (for example a postal code or name). Native English speakers often use a special alphabet when they spell over the phone. Example: postal code B2V 3A8 = B as in Bravo, 2, V as in Victor, 3, A as in Alpha,8.

English Phonetic Spelling

A   Alpha                        N   November

B   Bravo                         O   Oscar

C   Charlie                       P   Papa

D   Delta                          Q   Quebec

E   Echo                           R   Romeo

F   Foxtrot                     S   Sierra

G   Golf                            T   Tango

H   Hotel                         U   Uniform

I   India                           V   Victor

J   Juliet                          W   Whiskey

K   Kilo                             X   X-ray

L   Lima                           Y   Yankee

M  Mike                           Z   Zulu



  • Dances: Foxtrot, Tango
  • Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet
  • Men’s first names: Charlie, Mike, Oscar, Victor
  • Cities: Lima, Quebec
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