Quiz: Telephones

Zabavite se, naučite nove reči, potvrdite svoje znanje uz test o telefoniranju 🙂

Q1 – The person who answers the phone in a company is the ……..

a) receptionist
b) operator

Q2 – If someone is on the phone, their line is ……..

a) engaged
b) full

Q3 – The part of the phone that you hold in your hand is called the ……..

a) handle
b) receiver

Q4 – If you put the phone down because you have finished the conversation, you …….. up

a) ring
b) hang

Q5 – If you put the phone down because you are angry, you ring ……..

a) off
b) up

Q6 – You have to …….. a number to speak to someone

a) mark
b) dial

Q7 – If you have problems with a phone, you call the

a) telephonist
b) operator

Q8 – If you don’t pay your bill, your phone will be cut ……..

a) out
b) off

Q9 – A telephone that has no wires is ……..

a) wireless
b) cordless

Q10 – If you need to know a phone number, look it up in the phone ……..

a) directory
b) list

Q11 – The …….. pages list business numbers

a) yellow
b) white

Q12 – If someone is on the phone, their line is ……..

a) busy
b) full

Ako ne znate odgovore, potražite značenja reči u on-line rečniku

The Free Dictionary

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  1. Tačni odgovori: receptionist, engaged, receiver, hang, off, dial, operator, off, cordless, directory, yellow, busy.


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