Practice: Taking a Message

Leslie:       Hello?/Hi?/Yes?

Cameron:  Hi, is this Leslie?

Leslie:       Yes. Who are you?/And you?/Who’s this?

Cameron:  It’s Cameron here. Is Maria inside/in/where?

Leslie:       No, she just came/stepped/gone out for a moment. Can I take a message?

Cameron:  Yes, thanks. Could you/Would you mind/Can you be ask her to meet me at the Capitol 4 movie theatre at 7 pm tonight?

Leslie:       Sure. Just let me write that down. Oh Cameron. Could you hold off/holding/hold for a second? I have to take another call.

Cameron:  No problem.

Leslie:       Hi. Sorry about that. Now could you please say again/repeat/review that information? I didn’t have a pen handy.

Cameron:  Sure. It’s the Capitol 4 theatre at 7 o’clock.

Leslie:       Okay, I’ve got it. Is there anything else?

Cameron:  No, that’s great.

Leslie:       Okay. Uh-oh, there’s my other line again. I’d better call/run/hang on.

Cameron:  Okay, thanks again. Bye for now.

Leslie:       Bye Bye/Bye too/See you again.

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  1. Tačni odgovori: Hello?, Who’s this, in, stepped, Could you, hold, repeat, run, Bye Bye


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