How it’s made? – Potato chips

Pogledajte video, a zatim uradite vezbanje popunjavajući praznine rečima koje nedostaju.



Za one koji nisu sigurni da su razumeli reči – evo i teksta, za lakše praćenje snimka. 🙂

They say chips were invented when someone sent back his fried potatoes complaining the slices were too thick. The insulted chief cut them paper-thin and fried them to a crisp. So, pride, not necessity, was the mother of this invention.

Potato chips have since become the consonant snack food. They have to be made with fresh potatoes, no more than 24 hours old, otherwise the chips will have black spots.

After the brushing machine removes the dirt the potatoes travel along a water canal – to the peeler. They tumble around and around against the peeler’s abrasive rollers until the skin’s come off. This machine can peel 12 thousand pounds of potatoes per hour.

Next stop – a machine that separates the potatoes by size. The small ones fall bellow to be rinsed; the larger ones stay on top to be cut. Then, they fall down to the rincer, too.

Next, the potatoes go through slicers. The slicers’ blades are adjustable, they can be set to different thicknesses or to different shapes, to slice ripple chips, for example. The centrifugal force created by the spinning throws the potatoes against the sharp blades. To make regular chips they cut slices six one hundreds of an inch thick and average potato will yield about 36 chips.

Finally, it’s time to wash the potato slices. They spin inside a giant barrel of cold fresh water for about a minute. Then, like at a car wash, the slices pass under an ear blower to dry up the excess water. The frier contains canola oil boiling at 375 ° F . It takes just three minutes to fry the potato slices into potato chips. As the chips exit the frier on the conveyer belt the excess oil drips off.

Next – a shower of salt.

The chips then move on to the sorter. An electronic camera identifies any chips that have brown spots or other defects. The camera then triggers the fin pie directly above that bump chip to blow it off the conveyer belt with air pressure.

Elsewhere in the factory they’re making another popular snack food – Cheezies. They take corn flower and mix it with water. An extrusion machine forces the mixture through round holes. On a snake-like streams come out the other end – a knife cuts them into pieces. The heat in the machine causes the flour in those pieces to explode creating slightly curled puffs. They spray those puffs with the mixture of canola oil, powder cheese and natural colorings. The revolving drum mixes it all together.

Back in the chips department, they spray the potato chips with powder seasonings which simulate flavors such as barbecue or salt and vinegar.

The next machine separates and weighs the portions to be packaged. The chips are dropped into bags that are then heat-sealed.

It’s taken about 15 minutes to go from raw potato to potato chips. A lot longer than it takes to eat them.

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  1. I love this video and the idea of using How it’s made videos in teaching. 🙂


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